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Eva Patricia Salas

City of Santee Interpretive Trail Signs

A total of 21 interpretive trail signs dot the trails in the City of Santee. This is a sampling of the various themes that reflect the trail and relate to certain sections of the trails.

Mast Park West. The far west end of the trail as of this date, the Riparian and the Watershed are two themes that reflect this area.

Town Center Community Park. This location is near a school and it was important to include some local history on the above panel.

Walker Preserve Trail. Channel 8 featured the trail and interpretive signs on a television segment. Sand mining took place where the trail was built and it was important to dedicate a panel to that theme.

Twenty- one Interpretive signs dot three city trails – Mast Park West, Town Center Community Park, and Walker Preserve Trail.

  • Role Conceptual design, research, photo process, vector illustrations and prep of files of print.

  • For City of Santee

  • Date 2016

  • Type Outdoor interpretive signs

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